Renovating a house can be a wonderful experience and at the same time it can be a headache. Renovations refer to the process by which a property is fixed up where broken and where old parts of the property are removed and replaced or changed to appear different.

The reason for renovating is usually because the property looks run-down and you want to improve the aesthetics of the house, sometimes renovations are done for resale purposes to make a profit on a property by fixing it up and selling it for more than the original price including the renovation costs. The remaining money after the sale will then be the profit.

In the case where you are living in the house that you are renovating or living at a temporary premises whilst the renovations are in progress the main issue in the renovation process might be the fact that your furniture and appliances needs to be stored in a different place because there is no space in the house that is being renovated.

The other reason for requiring storage whilst renovating might be that the construction site at your premises might be dirty and dusty which you might not want to get on your furniture or appliances and therefore it is best to store these items at a different premises.

Self-storage might be the best option if you are in this predicament because it will ensure that your furniture and appliances are kept safe and clean during the renovation process. The other safety concern whilst renovating might also be the construction workers coming in and out of your premises, this leaves your valuable items exposed if not stored safely.

We know how important it is to keep your valuable items safe from destruction and that is exactly why we provide our self-storage units at Stor Box in Pinetown.

If you are in the process of renovating your house, contact us today and visit our website for more information on how we can provide you with the perfect storage space for your valuable items, our expert team at Stor Box are here to help you get the service that you deserve.

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