This is a question that a lot of people ask because some premises’ does not always have the necessary storage space at their place of residence for additional transport vehicles or hobby vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters.

Besides the need for additional storage, sometimes the storage space that individuals have at their place of residence are not entirely covered and the need to keep their valuable motorcycles entirely enclosed and protected might not be fulfilled, that is why a lot of people look at the self-storage as an option to store their valuable assets such as motorcycles or scooters.

Is it possible to store my motorcycle in a self-storage unit?

The good news is, yes! You can store your additional motorcycles or scooters, or valuable bikes that you have, in a self-storage unit. Stor Box Self-Storage provides exactly that, we have secure storage units for your motorcycle(s).

How to get the perfect storage unit for my motorcycle?

We provide a space estimator at Stor Box Self-Storage to ensure that you can get the perfect size self-storage unit for your valuable asset(s).

We provide self-storage units from as small as 9 square meters for scooters or motorcycles, we also provide self-storage units as big as 22 square meters long for more than once motorcycles or quad bikes and scooters.

Visit our website to get the perfect size storage unit for your motorcycle storage needs.

Is my motorcycle safe in a self-storage unit?

The great thing about our storage units at Stor Box Self-Storage is that we have 24/7 security at our storage facilities and your motorcycle will be safe, the lockup storage units are secure and only the owner of that storage unit can access the motorcycle or scooter in the unit as we have access control at out storage facilities.

You can also access the storage unit at anytime to ensure your motorcycle is still running such as starting the engine every now and again to charge the battery every now and again, and even taking your motorcycle or scooter for a spin around the block.


Contact our expert team at Stor Box Self-Storage to get the perfect self-storage unit for your motorcycle. We are here to ensure your valuable motorcycle(s) are kept safe and covered at all times.

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