There are a lot of items that we have in our houses that are not relevant for that specific season or time of the year, these items will be used again but if kept in the house all at once the house can become overly cramped and messy.

There are a lot of ways to keep your house clean without selling or throwing away valuable items just because you do not have space in the house anymore, the first one that comes to mind is the hassle-free self-storage option.

The winter is now over in South Africa, and we are moving into our hot summer season, this can mean that you might have heaters and heating blankets in the house or outside heaters that was used for the winter but will not be needed during the summer. These are the ideal items to store in your self-storage unit because these items will be safe and once winter comes again it is easily retrievable for your convenience and at the same time it keeps the house clean and neat.

It is also almost Christmas time and whilst some people leave their Christmas items in or around the house throughout the year, others might be annoyed by the mess or overly full house that they have because of these items. It is best to store these celebratory items in a self-storage unit and when the time is right you can get your items and put them up whilst knowing that the items or decorations will not lie around the house for the entire year to come. These items are for example Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, fairy lights, and much more.

In the summer a lot of people might have additional items that they like to use to cool down and these items might take up too much space when the summertime is over, these items can be splash pools, pool toys, portable aircon, portable fans, and much more. To ensure your house stay neat and clean throughout these different seasons you can make use of a Self-Storage unit to ensure that the rotational movement and storage of items throughout the year and for specific events keep your house tidy whilst also ensuring these items are kept safe and are accessible when needed again.

Contact us at Stor Box Self Storage today for a quote on a self-storage unit that will fit your needs. The unit can be as small or large as you prefer, depending on what and how many items you want to store throughout the year to ensure that your house remains neat and tidy and your livelihood can remain at the standard that you desire, we are here to help you and to help keep your items safe and secure at all times.

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