Commercial storage refers to storage space required by businesses that might have larger storage space requirements than a person that needs storage for general house items. These businesses might need storage because of a surplus amount of stock or office items that consume a lot of space in the office building but are essential for best functioning of the business.

There are diverse types of businesses and industries that require distinct types of commercial storage, these might include pharmaceutical product storage, document, and office equipment storage, or in the case of property developers the storage needs might even be storage space for appliances used in show houses or stage houses.

When it comes to commercial storage, safety should be the biggest factor when finding storage space for your valuable items. Warehouses are sometimes an option when it comes to commercial storage, however, there might be a lot of safety concerns when it comes to warehouse storing.

Self-Storage units are a popular choice for business to make use of because of the security and safety measures that some of the self-storage companies have in place. At Stor Box we follow strict safety protocols, and we have various safety measures in place to ensure our self-storage units are fit for a business that wants to make use of our self-storage units.

The Stor Box facility has 24hour security and armed response to ensure that commercial items are always safe. We also provide clients with access to their storage units 7 days a week which means that authorised accessibility to commercially stored items is made convenient.

At our Stor Box facility we also have strict digital security measures in place to ensure that our clients feel at ease to store their items with us. We also have a Stor Box facility in Pinetown for convenience to business situation in and around Pinetown.

Our self-storage units range from nine squire metres to twenty-two squire metres, so our clients can choose the best suitable self-storage unit for their storage requirements.

Contact us today and browse our website for information on how Stor Box can help you with your commercial storage requirements with safety measures that is essential for valuable stored items.

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