We are all currently aware of the COVID hardships we are facing not only as a country, but globally too. The stress and unsureness of the people of South Africa is extremely clear, and on top of this, we recently faced a National State of Emergency & Disaster because of the looting that took place around South Africa, and especially in KZN.

Self-Storage units are lockable spaces on a designated facility which usually includes the use of the space as a unit and security features to protect the items stored in those units.

Self-Storage is super convenient and most of all, it is SAFE! We cannot always protect our valuables in our houses, whether the reason being money, time, or space, it is extremely important that we ensure that the items that we cherish, and do not want to get rid of, gets stored in a safe space, where you know you are covered.

Self-Storage units are lockable, and you take and bring your items to the unit as you please, keeping in mind the security check you would have to go through, as this is the main reason that most people or businesses make use of these units, because it is safe and secure.

The looting in South Africa has one thinking twice about the way in which we store our items and safety measures we implement to protect our valuables; it is therefore the perfect time to start thinking about making use of Self-Storage to take that extra safety precaution in ensuring your items are safely stored away from any unwanted access and there are various options available to suit your budget and needs.

Self-Storage units comes in a lot of different sizes, from extra small units to extra large storage units, you can choose any unit to fulfil your needs. These units can be used for various items as well, from normal household items to more industrial items that need safekeeping.

Self-Storage units are usually hired, and a monthly fee is paid to the storage provider. The person or company that pays for the storage unit are the only persons with access to their own unit, and no other persons that are making use of these units in the same facility has access to your unit.

There are usually 24/7 security, and this includes cameras and watch guards to ensure your items are safe, not to mention the fact that the facility is surrounded with walls and there is no public access within the facility without strict security protocols taking place, such as ensuring the person wanting to gain access has the right to do so.

The security features of these Self-Storage units are a big bonus, and should you need any other reasons for obtaining a Self-Storage unit, you can read our blog Why Do You Need A Self-Storage Unit? for more information.

If you want to make use of one or more of these Self-Storage units in Durban, you can contact us at Store Box Self-Storage via email, our website or phone. We provide various types of units to fit your requirement(s) at affordable prices.

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