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Need A Reliable Storage Company Near Durban North?

Self storage is an easy and safe solution to anyone needing more room for their cherished valuables and important items. We take a look at how self storage near Durban North can both benefit and save you money in the long run, all while giving you the peace of mind to know your items are stored well and protected. 


  • Relocating & Moving – We know how stressful relocating and moving can be and perhaps the most common reason that people and businesses make use of self storage units is needing the space while this is happening. Self storage offers a great interim and long term solution to storing your items and making sure they are safe while you make the decisions on the next steps. 
  • Peace of Mind – whether you are moving into a smaller space or need somewhere central and reliable while you move or work away from home. Our self storage facilities in Durban give you the peace of mind to know that your items are safe and guarded, easily accessible to you and well stored and cared for until you need them again. 
  •  Space for your hobbies – before your car restoration hobby or various collections start taking over your home, self storage is a great solution and alternative to cultivate and enjoy your hobbies to the fullest, without limiting space in your home and encroaching on your dining room table. 
  • Commercial Storage – perhaps you need space for your business paperwork and archives. As big invaders of space, organising and designating a self storage locker to keep your documents neat and accessible when needed will give your home and office spaces the declutter they may need. 
  • Space – sometimes you just need more space and whatever that may look like for you, not having enough room may get overwhelming. We offer a safe, secure and premium self storage solution near Durban North when you need it most.

Our storage units are available in sizes that are suitable for your needs, ranging from 9 square meters to an impressive extra large unit of 22 square metres. Are you interested in finding out more? Simply contact us today or complete our online self application and we can assist you with self storage near Durban North.

Choose the type of self storage near Durban North that best suits your needs