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Need A Reliable Storage Company In Pinetown?

Self-Storage has become increasingly popular nowadays, especially because of the safety improvements that self-storage facilities has made over the past decade with the use of technology, which give self-storage clients peace of mind.

Self-storage is also popular because house prices are continuously rising, and the prime rate can become too expensive for some individuals. This might force them to rent a smaller house or apartment then the house they previously lived in, which can lead to a surplus of furniture or valuable items that the smaller property cannot facilitate due to space issues.

The other reason for seeking self-storage in Pinetown might also be emigration to a new country as a lot of citizens are cautious of the economic position of South Africa. This can also mean that these individuals need to sell their house to live in a temporary house or with family or friends.

The furniture or valuable items that these individuals have might also then be more than the available space at their new temporary residence. These furniture or items that are in surplus are sometimes extremely valuable and part of family history, and a lot of individuals might want to store these items in a self-storage unit instead of selling or getting rid of these items.

If you are in one of these situations or just simply looking for extra storage space due to current space issues at your residence or business premises the solution is self-storage in Pinetown.

Stor Box Self Storage Durban provides 24/7 security and access control self-storage units. We have a storage facility in Pinetown and can provide you with the extra storage space that you require.

Browse our website and make use of our Stor Box space estimator. We have a variety of different size units, from small units to extra large and it is up to you to decide which size storage unit will fit your space requirements the best. We are here to make your storage issues a thing from the past.

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