Are you running out of space or need somewhere to keep your important items safe and secure? We are looking at the reasons when you might need to use our Self Storage facility near Berea.


Are you Moving? 

A very common reason to use a self storage facility is moving. From having an overflow of valuable household items or lacking space when downsizing, storage units are very handy to keep your possessions safe and in a good state before they move again.


Are you Renovating? 

Short term storage is a reliable and ideal space to keep your beautiful items from getting dust and damage while you are upgrading your home and workspaces. Take an added stress off and know that your furniture and equipment is safe and protected at all times.


Do you need some space in the interim? 

You may have bought a car to fix up or need to make room for the little one on the way and haven’t quite gotten around to parting with your valuable and sentimental items. Storing them in self storage near Berea let’s you hang on to them without cluttering up your home and workspaces.


Do you need to keep things organised? 

This is often focusing on businesses that use storage units. From bulky files to not often used machinery that is costly to replace. Self storage lets you organise your unit to how you need it. Bring in shelving, store extra stock and printers and more that you can access 365 days a year.


Do you just need more space? 

Maybe you just need some extra space. Our storage units are available in various sizes, depending on your needs. From extra small to extra large, having a self storage unit is easy to access with peace of mind that your items are safe and secure day and night.


With many more reasons to use a self storage, we can offer you peace of mind when storing what matters to you, with 24 hour on-site security, access control, packaging and premium service at an affordable rate. Find out more about our self storage near Berea today.

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