It is no surprise that keeping documents safe should be a priority, this is especially true when it comes to personal and confidential documents.

POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) has been implemented since 1 July 2020 which provided the framework for businesses across the country to keep the information of their company and their clients safe and secure.

There are so many fraudsters out there in this modern day and age, and this is especially true when it comes to digital data as cybercrime is continuously growing. This means that documents that are stored digitally are extremely exposed to these threats.

It is extremely important that backups are made for each and every document that a company has on file for their business and for clients, this will ensure that access is available, even when the original documents are destroyed or lost. The backups can be digital whilst the originals might be physical paper copies made.

Paper copies can also be made for all digital documents and stored in safekeeping to ensure that there is tangible proof to revert back should something happen to any digital documents.

Besides the backup factor, there is also the safety factor that one needs to consider when it comes to document storage. Documents should be stored at a safe location where only authorised individuals can have access to important and personal documents. This is not only expected from businesses in general but is also a requirement according to the POPIA to avoid unauthorised access to personal information.

There are many ways and places where and how documents can be stored, but to ensure extreme safety, self-storage units are advisable.

These units provide 24-hour security to prohibit unauthorised persons from accessing your personal or company documents, there are also numerous other safety features in place at these units such as fire hazard protection and with sealed doors the documents are also protected from bad weather.

Contact us today at Stor Box to keep your company and client’s personal and important information as safe as possible so you can be rest assured that your customer’s needs are prioritized and that you comply with the regulations. We are here to make the storage process as efficient as possible.

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