Personal items can vary from furniture to household appliances and any other items that an individual can own. Items that individuals store in storage units can also be professional equipment and office furniture.

The bigger the types of items that you want to store and the more items you want to store will mean you might need a larger storage unit, but if there are only a few items that needs to be stored a medium or smaller unit will do just the job.

It is not always possible to know exactly how much storage space you will require if you are not sure of the scale and sizing of the storage units, this is where storage space estimators come in extremely handy.

At Stor Box we have different sizes of storage units for every need that you have for your specific items. Our storage unit sizes range from extra small to extra large to fit every size requirement that our clients have.

We provide a feature on our website called the space estimator which is specially designed to help you visualize the exact size of stage unit that you require for your specific items. There are images to point out scale of items to compare with items in reality. This assists to estimate the exact size of storage unit that you need.

Our experts at Stor Box also have the required knowledge and skills to advise you on the best size of the unit that you need for your specific requirements and storage needs.

Contact our experts at Stor Box to find out more on how we can help you store your valuable items in the right unit within a highly secured premises so you can be rest assured your items are kept safe and secure.

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