Self-storage units are great facilities to use if you have appliances or objects that you are looking to store, and you do not have the space at your business premises or residence.

Self-storage units are only accessible by the authorized owner of the unit. There are certain scenarios where an owner of a self-storage unit provides other employees or other household residents with access to the storage unit.

In circumstances like this it is extremely important to follow certain procedures and protocols to ensure that your storage unit remains safe from destruction or unauthorized access.

Tips for keeping your self-storage unit safe:


If you follow these steps your storage unit and items inside the unit should be safe from damage or theft, and it should assist to prevent unauthorised access.

At Stor Box we provide the perfect storage solution for your requirements. We provide 24-hour security from our side for the facility and units, and with your own safety measures in place together with ours, you should be rest assured that your storage unit is safe and secure.

Contact us today and browse our website at Stor Box to find out how our self-storage solutions can help you keep your valuables safe.

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